How to Lose A Customer or Member With Two Common Blunders

June 18, 2014

It’s Not Relationship Building If Customers or Members Feel Ignored Boy are we fired up about this post! Last week The Financial Brand (one of the best blogs we know of for bankers) reprinted an infographic based on a study of 1,002 bank customers (credit unions, don’t stop reading yet) by Maritz Research. Three findings […]

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You Could Be Wasting Money on Cash Incentives

May 28, 2014

You Could Be Wasting Money on Cash Incentives Are you one of the growing number of executives questioning whether you’re getting the best return on cash incentives for employees? Does it seem like the more cash you give the less satisfied employees are? Cash can work under the right circumstances but you need to know, it’s not […]

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How Top FSRs Turn Outreach Calls Into Revenue Generating Opportunities

April 15, 2014

One of our credit union clients recently told us, “We need to be ‘reboarding’ existing members in addition to onboarding new ones.” Excellent Angela! It’s unfortunate that many banks and credit unions are missing significant revenue generating opportunities by neglecting long-term customers or members who don’t frequent their branches. If you suspect your organization is remiss […]

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Three Pitfalls That Will Sink Your Business Development Program

March 19, 2014

Many Business Development Programs Are Nothing to Write Home About Business development doesn’t come easily for most banks and credit unions. Often it’s a combination of poor or no training, absence of a structured and proven sales process and misguided attitudes. With thin margins and elusive member and customer loyalty, it’s no surprise when business […]

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Are Bankers Too Focused on Sales Goals? — Part 2 in Goal Setting Practices That Annoy Customers and Demotivate Staff — Banking Relationship Management

February 5, 2014

Under what circumstances can there possibly be too much focus on sales goals? The short answer is when it leads to employee behavior that is perceived as pushy and annoying and it’s damaging the member or customer relationship. In part one of our series, Goal Setting Practices That Annoy Customers and Demotivate Staff, we advised […]

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Goal Setting Practices That Annoy Customers and Demotivate Staff — Part 1 in Goal Setting Practices That Annoy Customers and Demotivate Staff — Banking Relationship Management

January 15, 2014

To grow your bank or credit union, it’s important to have big goals, targets and tracking in place to monitor your progress. The trouble begins when staff goals prompt behavior that annoys customers or members. An example is goals that result in product pitching. After a member hears, “We have a special loan promotion!” from […]

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Are You Underwhelmed With Your Onboarding Program? – Banking Relationship Management

November 21, 2013

Many Onboarding Programs Are Not Making the Grade From our experience in working with banks and credit union clients, we find many onboarding programs are not meeting management expectations. Is your program as effective as it could be? Ask yourself these questions: Does your staff view onboarding as a necessary but undesirable part of their job? […]

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What Don’t You Know About Your Customers or Members? – Banking Relationship Management

October 30, 2013

I’m Your Customer and You Don’t Know Me In our work with banks and credit unions, we still hear some employees asking the wrong question: “What product or service can I cross-sell this member?” Are your staff asking questions just to help them sell a product or to get to know the customer or member […]

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Your Branch Managers Are Too Focused on Sales Results – Banking Relationship Management

October 1, 2013

Your Managers Are Probably Your Weakest Link One of the most frequent comments we hear from bank and credit union execs is, “Our managers spend too much time on operational issues and reading month-end sales reports rather than coaching to raise team performance”. Does this sound familiar to you? We wouldn’t be surprised if you […]

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Stop Staff Resistance to Selling – Banking Relationship Management

August 14, 2013

Is Your Credit Union or Bank Sales Training Aligned With Your Values? “We have some staff resistance to our sales program.” (Execs) “We’re losing good people who don’t believe we’re sincere about looking out for our members.” (Execs) “The last place I worked at didn’t really care about the customer and now I’m in the […]

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